Our mission is to heal & empower through our Music Meditations and Movement in Dance

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Here you will find music for your Mind Body and Soul * Chakra Dancing for the body * Meditation for the spirit * Creations to feed the mind.Our mission is to heal & empower through our music, meditations and movement in dance. Enjoy!


Chakra Dancing


The seven major chakras resonate with the seven spectacular colours of the rainbow.
The root chakra is red and is located at the base of the spine. As energy flows in both directions, the root draws energy up from the earth and back, creating stability, grounding and support.

At the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat and brow chakras the flow of energy should move freely, uninterrupted through the front and back of the body, emanating outwards.

The second chakra, the sacral is orange in colour and is located one inch below the navel, it is concerned with responsibility for ourselves and others, desire, trust and pleasures.

The third chakra is the solar plexus, the colour is yellow and is located at the stomach, our power house to create energy, logic and assimilation. The first three chakras are the very essence of our flesh and bones, dealing with survival and the everyday stresses of life.

The fourth chakra is the heart, the colour is green or pink, and is located within the heart area, a sacred meeting place where the energies from the first three chakras feed up into the heart and energies from the higher three chakras feed down into it. The heart plays a pivotal role, as the “half way house,” it is beautifully positioned in the middle of these glorious seven centres of spinning light, and is the centre of universal love and compassion.

The fifth chakra, the throat, is sky blue in colour. This is the gateway to the higher three chakras. As you can imagine, it is located at the throat and is concerned with communication, with your inner Self and the higher spiritual realms of the universe. The penultimate chakra is the brow, indigo in colour and located between the eyebrows, here lies the seat of our wisdom, the centre of inner vision and seeing beyond the horizon… and finally to the crown chakra, located at the top of the head, violet, gold or white in colour.

Here at crown the energy can be felt above the head, upwards and outwards towards the heavens, our divine connection with our higher self, where we become at one with the light.
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